Accessibility of MAC

At MAC, we welcome all people and we aim to make our gatherings as accessible as possible. We would love to help out in any way that we can, so please do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything that we could do to help with accessing our church gatherings on Sunday and during the week.

  • We have an access ramp at the front of the Church. There are 2 reserved parking spaces for those less mobile at the rear car park, which has a level entrance into the building. 
  • In both centres we have space for wheel chairs, walkers and prams
  • Our older church building is fitted with a hearing loop, which covers several rows towards the front. We have signage to indicate the range of the hearing loop. 

Sharing Jesus’ Love

Jesus loves all people unconditionally, unlimited and unending.

As his Church and those who have experienced his love, we seek to love all people too.

An access ramp for wheelchairs, walkers and prams, provides easy entry to the old and new church buildings.