Children’s Ministry

As a church we aim to enable people of all ages to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus. We endeavour to follow the example of Jesus in welcoming children into his kingdom (Luke 18:15-17).

We believe that children can be ALIVE with CHRIST in their familes and with friends, at school and other activities, at MAC and as we take the good news of Jesus to the world, so people know how amazing our God is and so they’re saved.

We are comitted to having connected children’s and youth ministries that lead from one to another. This gives opportunity for all our children to be alive with Christ at every age and stage.

Rochelle Fussell is the MAC Children’s Minister. For more information about our children’s ministries please contact Rochelle on 0439 455 005 or using the button below.

What’s on?

CUBBY CLUB for Pre-schoolers
10am-12pm Fridays at our site in Colo Vale

FOLLOW PRIMARY for School children K to 6
Fridays during school term 5pm to 6.30pm

KIDS CHURCH for children aged 2 to yr 6
Available during our 9.30am service

PARENTS ROOM for babies to 2 year olds
Available during our 9.30am service so parents can watch their children play whilst watching the sermon

Cubby Club

Each week, we run a playgroup – we call it Cubby Club – for pre-schoolers and their parents or carers.

There is a craft activity, singing and story time, a wide selection of outside and inside toys, and an opportunity to make new friends with other parents and enjoy morning tea together.

The cost of attending Cubby Club is: $2 per child per week or $3 per family for 2 or more children. Please contact us if you are interested in joining.

Our Cubby Club runs on Fridays, 10am to 12pm at our second church property, 47 Church Ave, Colo Vale

Follow Primary

Follow Primary is our group for those at school in years K-6. Join us on Fridays during school term time, from 5pm to 6.30pm at church.

It’s a great time of games, food and fun activities as we learn from the Bible about Jesus and what it means to know him personally.

In term 1 this year, we will be talking about BIG, BIG Stuff! Looking at some of the BIG, BIG ideas in the Bible.

Cost is $5 per week, or $40 per term (with generous sibling discounts). For more information on the cost, please click HERE

Youth and Children

Kids’ Church

Ages 2 to year 6

We run Kids’ Church groups at our 9:30am service on Sundays. When you and your kids arrive you’ll be welcomed into our church hall and join us for the first 15 minutes of our service. Then the kids will be ushered out to their respective groups.

At Kids’ Church we do games, songs, and learn more about Jesus. During our 9:30am service we have a separate group for preschool-aged kids, while ages K-6 walk over together to the CWA Hall next-door where we have a combined teaching time together before splitting into age appropriate groups.

We also have a parents room for babies and their parents where the service can be viewed.

For more information, contact us or ask a welcomer at our 9.:30am service.

SRE in primary schools

As a church, we support Special Religious Education classes in Mittagong, Colo Vale and Hill Top Public Schools. Many of the volunteer teachers are members of MAC, whilst others are members of other local churches. 

For more information on Christian SRE, visit

Please note: All our children’s leaders have undergone Safe Ministry Training and completed working with children checks, to ensure that your children are adequately and responsibly supervised.