Link Missionaries

We have a number of link missionaries, both in Australia and overseas, who we support financially and through prayer, as partners seeking to Share Christ.

It is our prayer that God will use our partnership to see many people, from all different cultures and beliefs to be made “alive with Christ”.

CMS – we are currenlty exploring a new mission partner with CMS

Steven Mackenzie

Cross Cultural Worker in Western Sydney

Tizho, Zimbabwe with FOCUS  (IFES)

Tivakduze (Tizho) works with FOCUS Zimbabwe (IFES) in the mountainous city of Mutare, where he overseas student ministry across seven campuses. FOCUS seeks to train up students in how to read and understand the Bible for themselves, to spread the gospel and to be disciple-making-disciples. Zimbabwe faces many challenges, politically and economically. Often within their own churches, Christians are confronted with the false teachings of the prosperity gospel and tribal religion. Tizho is passionate about helping students grasp the truth of the gospel revealed through God’s word.

Previously a teacher, Tizho is married to Precious and has two children. He visited Mittagong Anglican in 2018 on a trip sponsored by AFES, and is excited to join us as a link missionary.

Steven Mackenzie, AFES Staffworker at Bond University, QLD

Steve and Julia Mackenzie were part of our church from 2016 to 2018 when Steve was an assistant minister here. They have five children: Grace, Evangeline, Zoe, Mary and  Owen.

Bond University has never had an AFES worker before. It is a new ministry, which is supported by the existing AFES team at Griffith University.

The first few years after school is a  crucial time for the faith of young people and university can be a very hostile environment to the Christian faith. But university also is a great opportunity for evangelism to young people as they think about Jesus Christ for the first time as an adult. It is also a time when young   Christians can be trained and equipped to serve Christ in their current churches as well as into the future.