Link Missionaries

We have a number of link missionaries, both in Australia and overseas, who we support financially and through prayer, as partners seeking to Share Christ.

It is our prayer that God will use our partnership to see many people, from all different cultures and beliefs to be made “alive with Christ”.

Adam and Avril Friend

Cross Cultural Worker in Western Sydney

Tizho, Zimbabwe with FOCUS  (IFES)

Tivakduze (Tizho) works with FOCUS Zimbabwe (IFES) in the mountainous city of Mutare, where he overseas student ministry across seven campuses. FOCUS seeks to train up students in how to read and understand the Bible for themselves, to spread the gospel and to be disciple-making-disciples. Zimbabwe faces many challenges, politically and economically. Often within their own churches, Christians are confronted with the false teachings of the prosperity gospel and tribal religion. Tizho is passionate about helping students grasp the truth of the gospel revealed through God’s word.

Previously a teacher, Tizho is married to Precious and has two children. He visited Mittagong Anglican in 2018 on a trip sponsored by AFES, and is excited to join us as a link missionary.

Adam and Avril Friend, CMS, Training and equipping leaders for the Madagascan Church

Why we chose mission

Roughly 10 years ago, while reading the Bible we were both struck by God’s wonderful vision for all nations to be blessed through his Son and one day stand before him, worshipping him with joy. God’s heart for mission inspired us, and has been growing in us our own heart for mission. This has been fueled by recent opportunities we have had to be involved in seeing people of different cultures come to find life in Jesus, both in Australia and overseas.

Serving God’s growing church

We are excited by the opportunity to see this vision come about in Madagascar. The country is gripped by poverty, famine, and drought, yet God is faithfully growing his church. Even in the most famine-struck corner of the country, thousands of Malagasy are being baptised every year and many, many new churches are being planted.

Yet there is much in the lives of these new believers that threatens to draw them away from Jesus and back to traditional beliefs and practices. The challenge is to train new leaders to serve amongst these new believers, teaching them the Bible and discipling them in a way that helps them be rooted and established in Jesus. We are looking to help this happen by teaching at a theological college and working with local leaders to develop discipleship resources.

Will you partner with us?

We recognise that we need your help to do all of this. We aim to serve in Madagascar long-term, which will involve ongoing support from people invested in keeping us there. Would you consider partnering with us financially and in prayer as we embark on this ministry journey as a family?

Please pray for us and pray for our children, that God would sustain us and keep us faithful and safe. You can keep up to date with our ministry by subscribing to our prayer update emails and replying with encouraging messages and reminders that you’re praying.

And pray for Madagascar, that God would keep multiplying his work there and protecting those who have heard the gospel so that there may be more and more Malagasy people who join us to stand before God one day, praising and worshipping him with joy.