Philippines Mission Team 2017



As most are aware, we are in the process of preparing to go to
Manila in January 2017. This will be to run the children's program for the OMF Missionaries Conference, and help out the urban poor church, “Dawn for the Poor” as they lead us”. . Those going are:
Dina Roki, Marge Mills, Jono Mills,
Sam Mills, Lucy Mills, Lachlan McGuire,
Ben Hanna, Kathryn McIntosh, Kathy Crawshaw.

A variety of events are being organised, including meals and a stall, to help raise money for this mission trip. Keep an eye out for these events and if you, or a group, are willing to help in our efforts, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please keep the 19th November free for fund raising events. More
details to follow. Contact Marge or Kathy.