Fiji Mission Fundraiser


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Our current Year 13 Student is off to Fiji as part of her gap year! Grace is raising funds in order to go. Please consider donating if you are able. You can donate at the below GoFundMe page


Hey guys,
As part of my Year 13 Gap Year I have the opportunity to go on a month-long mission trip to Fiji from the 8th of June until the 6th of July.
We will have the privilege of partnering with our Fijian brothers and sisters in gospel ministry. We will teach Scripture in orphanages, schools, churches and refugee settlements, as well as participate in hands-on community projects, run kids clubs and youth groups and training days for Fijian church workers.
We don't go over to 'do mission' but to build on previous mission work done by earlier Year 13 groups.
We will be staying in homestays and will work on building relationships with these families and others in the local towns and villages. Most importantly we will encourage and be encouraged by our Fijian brothers and sisters to live lives worthy of our great God.
For me to be able to go on this trip I need to raise $2,400. This money will go towards flights, accomodation, food, transport and any donations to the Fijians while we are there. Your support in both prayers and finance are greately appreciated and if you would like more information about the trip, feel free to contact me, I'd love to chat
In Christ,