Dina, Marge, Jono, Kathy, Sam, Ben, Kathryn and I are all busy getting ready to leave tomorrow on our mission trip to the Philippines. As the destructive Typhoon Nina hit the Philippines at Christmas, some of our plans may change and we will have to play a lot of it by ear. The OMF conference where we are running the crèche, children and youth programs is still going ahead and begins on Tuesday the 3rd. These days at the conference will be very full-on (with the kids for almost 12 hours a day) so it’d be great for you to pray for us to have energy and enthusiasm and that the kids will really enjoy and get something out of the program.

We will be going to Calapan (on the island of Mindoro) after the Conference and possibly doing concerts, delivering food parcels, teaching and being involved in church services. Please pray for flexibility and that we can be a real encouragement to the Filipinos who may have lost their homes and loved ones. Thank you so much for praying for us on this mission trip. Don’t forget to check this blog for updates while we are in the Philippines!

- Lucy, on behalf of the Philippines Mission Team