Arriving at the airport safely, the journey had begun! With Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban there to farewell us (OK... So they may not have actually seen us...) we boarded our flight and settled in for the flight. With everyone fed and watered and some of us even managing a sleep between movies, we landed ready for the next leg. Our trip to the guesthouse was surprisingly civil. The, normally chaotic, traffic was quite good because it was a long weekend with the New Years' public holiday and a lot of the people leave the city.


New Year's Eve was not so accommodating... the fireworks started early in the afternoon, we spotted some of the local kids setting off bangers as we walked to and from the local shopping centre. The mall was filled with people. Two of us went separately and had planned to find the rest when we got there, however, realised very quickly that this was going to be impossible! Christmas and new year decorations and celebrations are 'big' here. As the evening progressed, the fireworks and 'bazookers' became more frequent and by the time the Philippines new year arrived there were fireworks all around the centre (no need to travel to see them) although some, myself included, managed to sleep through them! We were awake for the Aussie new year, but to wait 'til what felt like 3am was just too far away...





New Year's Day we attended the GCF (Global Christian Fellowship) church (located not far away - across the 12 lane main road). They were very friendly, with lots of "Happy New Year!" and shaking hands. The sermon was good, including an encouraging message for the new year to:
B - Bless others
E - Eat with others
L - Listen to others
L - Love others and;
S - Serve others.



Enjoying pizza with a missionary couple.

On Monday we travelled to the Conference centre. A very interesting 2 hour trip through a diverse range of lifestyles. From glamorous shopping malls to the poorest of poor and their 'lean-too's.
The centre is very nice, a real blessing to be able to serve here.
Well, here we are a Te conference centre, preparing to start our varied children's program.


- Kathy