Funeral Services

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Who are funerals conducted by? 

Rev. Richard Mills (Senior Minister) or Rev. Matthew Brooks-Lloyd (Assistant Minister). Permission from Richard Mills must be sought for funerals to be conducted by any other persons.



Eulogies (or combined eulogies) should be completed within a ten
minute period, i.e. be of no more than 1000 words. If people wish to say more, we suggest this be a part of your after-funeral function.


Heritage Building


The church has computer, projector and large screen facilities. If you would like to use these facilities, you need to put the display in an Office 2007 version of PowerPoint (or earlier version) and save it on a memory stick for it to be installed on our PC.

It is recommended that your presentation be brought in to the church the day prior to the funeral to check it is operating effectively. This will help allay anxiety on the day of the funeral.

Maximum length of PowerPoint presentation– 5 mins or 50 photos. It can be displayed as people walk into the church or it can be as a
separate item in the service. During this time music can be played on a CD through the church’s CD player.



We have a church organist who is paid through the funeral costs by the funeral director. We can also play songs on the CD player: this is usually limited to 2 songs.


Operating the CD player and PowerPoint: This is complicated and if you wish for the church to supply somebody to run it during the service we suggest an additional donation of $100. We can show you how to do it if you come the day before, and are confident using this equipment.


After funeral function 

Because the crematoriums are so far away, many people are having the whole service at the church and do not attend the crematorium. In recent years the ladies of our church have offered to cater for an after-funeral gathering in our foyer and/or hall.


Our ladies provide tea and coffee, gourmet sandwiches and tasty finger foods. If you wish to provide soft drink you are able to bring this and store it in our fridges in the foyer. However, we would ask that you would take all empty containers away from the premises.

We are happy to do this if we can. suggested donation to the church for these gatherings : 0 – 50 people $300 minimum ($6 per person)

50 – 100 people $300 - $600

100 – 250 people $600 - $1000

Donations which help maintain our church facilities, should be made on the day or before where possible. Cheques are payable to St Stephens MU (Mothers Union).Flowers, Funeral at Mittagong Anglican

We estimate that we can cater for up to 250 people. The church seats 250 people.

To enquire whether the ladies are available for your function, please contact the church office.

While we appreciate it is difficult to estimate numbers required, please take into consideration that we have to buy the food and prepare it.



You are welcome to organise for flowers to be placed in the church from a local florist, or may be discussed through the church office.


We extend our sympathy to you in the loss of your loved one.


If you would like to speak with a minister regarding this or any other matter, you may contact us.